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Thursday, January 28, 2021

E-Track Stakeholder Platform

The E-Track project is technically challenging and tagging animals is often subject to regulations (welfare, ethics) and public opinion. To improve the projects’ chance on success the project strives for timely interaction with stakeholders – people and organisations outside the consortium that have a direct or indirect interest in the projects result.

The project will make use of a stakeholder platform consisting of persons having a direct or indirect interest in the project results. The role of the stakeholder platform is fourfold:

  1. Contribute to the requirements inventory related to the envisaged use of the E-Track product;
  2. Reflect on the project and provide the consortium with valuable comments and recommendations;
  3. Increase project visibility in adjacent networks;
  4. Interact with the consortium on valorization of project results.

The stakeholder platform meetings and associated workshops will be co-located with other meetings or hosted by larger events, to gather the highest number of attendees while reducing the travel costs and environmental impacts.

The stakeholder platform will physically meet twice during this project. The first meeting will be used also to retrieve user requirements and to ask for inputs relevant to the project. The second meeting will be organised to retrieve feedback on intermediate results in order for the project to validate its work plan for the final stage.

First Stakeholder Platform Meeting

On August 30th 2012 the first E-Track Stakeholder Platform Meeting is planned. The date is conveniently chosen to allow stakeholders to benefit from the E-Track workshop (August 29th) the day before. Paticipation to the Stakeholder Platform Meeting is on invitation only. If you want to participate please contact us.

During the meeting the stakeholders will be informed about the project and the results until so far. Important part of the agenda is to discuss certain themes, which have aroused during this phase of the project. The subject of this platform meeting is to retrieve user requirements and to ask for inputs relevant to the project.

More information on the Stakeholder Platform Meeting will follow soon.

1st Stakeholder Platform Meeting: August 30th 2012, Utrecht, The Netherlands.