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Thursday, January 28, 2021

About E-Track

The E-TRACK project concerns the development of a system for measurement and analysis of movement, behaviour and interactions of wildlife. The system will consist of EGNOS-enabled GNSS receivers, efficient data communication and an innovative software application.

For many years, scientists and wildlife managers have used radio tracking and satellite tracking to follow the location of freely moving animals in the wild. However, existing technology suffers from limited temporal and spatial resolution: positioning data are too coarse to determine how animals behave relative to their environment and each other. In other words: one can measure where an animal approximately is, but not what it is doing. Current GNSS-based tracking systems are not able to track moving objects at short time intervals. Furthermore, software tools capable of processing large volumes of GNSS data and converting those into meaningful metrics describing animal behaviour are missing. E-TRACK will take advantage of EGNOS and EDAS to provide adequate resolution for behaviour analysis. In addition, EGNOS and EDAS data will be used in post-processing to analyse the data points.

If you wish to contact the E-Track consortium you can send us an email.