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Thursday, January 28, 2021


Biotrack Ltd (www.biotrack.co.uk) designs and builds electronic tracking equipment for wildlife research. The company exports to over 100 countries and has built tracking devices for over 1.000 species. It began in the early eighties and currently employs 21 staff, all based in Dorset, UK. Biotrack offers a high level of product customisation, especially of radio-tags, which are optimised for each species and project. Most customers are scientists based at universities and research institutes, and some wildlife consultancy firms. Key Biotrack employees are involved in their own wildlife research, building expertise that underpins the development of new devices. Typical applications for tracking products include research into habitat use, dispersal and migration, used for conservation, management and disease control of wild animal populations. The company has traditionally specialised in VHF radio tags, currently including the smallest commercially available radio tag, weighing just 0.19 g. In recent years new products have been added, including small geolocators and GPS products for birds and large mammals. GNSS-based products will play an increasing dominant role in the wildlife telemetry industry and Biotrack is ideally placed to help lead this transition.